Chem 398, Fall 2018

Th, 12:00 12:50 in Spark 223

Instructor: Prof. Kirk Peterson, office: Fulmer 102, email:

Grades determined as:
25% attendance
30% classroom participation
45% course assignments

Note: 3 or more total absences results in 0% for course attendance; a final percentage of 75% is required to earn a grade of S.  The full class syllabus can be found here.

Aug 23
In class
Aug 30
In class
Discussion of Scientific Resumes
ASSIGNMENT:  Prepare your resume for next class
Sept 6
In class
Discuss Resumes
Sept 13
At home
Work through the interview tutorials and then do a video recorded practice interview at:
Sept 20
In class
Things to consider when looking at graduate schools
Sept 27
At home
Complete "Responsible Conduct for Research On-line Training" before next class, and bring your printed Certificate to class next time
Oct 4
In class
Scientific ethics and responsible conduct of research - case studies
Oct 11
In class
Prof. Cliff Berkman - title TBA
Oct 18
In class
Prof. Qiang Zhang - title TBA
Oct 25
In class
Prof. Ursula Mazur - title TBA
Nov 1
In class
Dr. Brian Kraft, WSU Technology Licensing Associate
Intellectual Property in the University Context
Nov 8
In class
Prof. ChulHee Kang - Title TBA
Nov 15
In class
Prof. Nathalie Wall - Title TBA
Nov 22
Thanksgiving Vacation
Nov 29
Nuclear Science Center
Reactor Tour
Dec 6